Find a Cost-Effective Phone System for Your Small Business

13 Sep

For many small businesses, finding a phone system that fits their needs and budgets is usually a challenge. The cost of traditional phone systems is usually above the roof. Moreover, the systems come with long-term contracts, are difficult to set up and costly to terminate.

Mobile phones are convenient. However, when you and your employees are using your personal numbers for business, there are high chances of mixing business and pleasure. Even more challenging will be juggling two mobile phones.

If you want to improve communication in your small business, you need a phone system that meets your short and long term requirements. Below is an overview of some things to keep in mind when looking for a phone system.

Choose VoIP

VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) systems are flexible and affordable. The Cisco Telephone System is easy to set up and provide a whole range of features that make communication easy to manage. There are dozens of VoIP systems in the market. How can you determine the right system for your business? By simply comparing the options available.

One of the common VoIP options is referred to as hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange). With this system, it's possible to use extensions like a traditional phone system as well as route calls within the business's network. Hosted PBX is a good solution for businesses that operate from a physical office. The system is an advanced business phone system hosted on the cloud. Read to know more about telephone system.

One of the benefits of choosing hosted PBX is that the system's provider will offer all the equipment needed. This makes set up quite simple. Some of the primary features available in most hosted PBX systems include conference calling, personal assistant, call forwarding, and more.

Apart from hosted PBX, you can choose virtual PBX. Avaya Installation Dubai system has similar features to the hosted PBX system. However, the main difference is with regards to the hardware component. A virtual PBX system offers the capabilities of a full-features business phone system that can be routed to an existing home phone or personal mobile.

Virtual PBX systems can also have extensions from their business phone number that transfers calls from their colleagues' home or mobile phone number. This makes the system ideal for businesses whose workforce is mainly mobile or are usually away from the office. Examples of features available in virtual PBX systems include customizable call settings, voicemail transcription, SMS integration, fax to email, conferencing and personalized greetings.

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